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Aug 10, 2016

Caryn Kopp is an award-winning CEO, best-selling author, and self-proclaimed Chief Door Opener at her company, Kopp Consulting. Did you hear that 40-second audio recording at the beginning of the show? What is wrong with that message? Well, for today's podcast episode, Caryn will shed some light as to how to never be that kind of sales opener.

People are missing several components when they're trying to get into the right door. Most of the time, people are lacking one or more of these five key pillars. To give a quick overview, the five pillars are: The right target/sales message, the right answers for objections, the right door opener doing the work, which also includes the right door opening mindset, then the right execution followed by the right workflow by that right person.

It boils down to hiring talent and using their strengths effectively for the position that needs to be filled. Although it may sound easy, this is a big blind spot for companies. If you hire a closer to be a door opener, this will often lead to disaster and you will find yourself having trouble scaling. Very few people are able to be both an opener and a closer at the same time.

So, after you have the right people in place, how can you get into these doors? It takes a bit of digging. The biggest mistake companies often make is looking at their current A-list clients and asking them what they did right, but what you should focus on instead is why did your very best clients originally want to speak to you in the first place? Dig at this why and then see if there are parallels based off what your different clients are saying.

When you get this feedback, you can take it to the market and attract new customers that otherwise wouldn't have known or even realized you offer x service. It's not always obvious to your customer what you offer, so being able to highlight specific things that your A-list clients loved about you is a great door opener.


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