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Aug 17, 2016

Michael Synk is the owner and execution coach for In-Synk. He is also a Senior Certified Gazelles Coach with over 14 years of coaching experience. Michael and I talk today about brand promises, how to improve on them, and offer two client case studies to boot. Let's dive right in.

Michael has been coaching Uniform Masters for the last year and a half. Unfortunately, it was only until two months ago that he and his client began to see brand promise. It has taken them quite some time to figure out the market and their core strengths.

The company itself has been around for seven years and their operations have been great, but they've just been a little too shy in telling their company story.

Although some time has passed, quite a bit of things have improved in the last year and a half. When Michael kept highlighting the company's key strengths, that's when he was able to see brand promise shine through. This is often a very different approach compared to the norm.

Normally to achieve brand promise, you first look into the customer data and the first-hand customer experience. However, Michael began by digging into the customer experience from an operations point of view.

He found some interesting points and discovered that competitors were having a difficult time keeping up with the quality of service Uniform Masters offered. Once equipped with this data, he took it to a marketing firm to help spin it in a customer friendly way.

The second company Michael is working with is a food co-op startup. They are currently in their second year and are working with 16 farmers. The farmers focus on raising grass-fed meat and the co-op handles the processing and the sale of that meat.

The client was a bit self-absorbed in their message, which was that their customers bought from them because they wanted to support local farmers. Michael wanted to put this to the test and so he asked 10 of their best customers about why they chose to buy from this co-op.

The results? They were completely different than what the client originally thought, but you'll have to listen to the interview to discover what that is! Don't miss this portion of the interview as it is filled with great insights on how to leverage a company's strengths and advertise them to the market.


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