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Dec 7, 2016

Brad Giles is the Founder of Evolution Partners, and a certified Gazelles coach. Originally from Australia, Brad is a strategic advisor and coach to CEOs and executive teams across Australia and Asia. On this week’s show, we explore how to develop a powerful brand promise through the use of the Attribute Map.

How has Brad applied the Attribute Map tool while working one-on-one with clients? Brad first used the tool while working on strategy development with a contracting company in Australia. As he used it he saw how closely this tool aligned with brand promise.

Brad found out that his client and his client’s competitors, were all having the same problem: they were failing to deliver the finished work on time. In order to solve this and reduce their customer’s frustrations, Brad helped them map out their key service attributes in order to find ways to improve their reputation in the market.

There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring a company who doesn’t deliver on time. With that in mind, they created the brand promise to be 'on time, the first time, every time.' By making this promise, it substantially changed the way this business operated and they were able to achieve their promise!

The reason why Brad was able to get this company to do something none of their competitors were able to achieve was not only due to the use of the Attribute Map, but also setting clear, concise, and measurable goals. There’s nothing worse than having a one-page ‘bubble wrap’ business plan, which contains no depth and is filled with fluff.

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