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Dec 28, 2016

Elliot Luchansky is the CEO and Board Member of InsynQ, LLC., the industry’s leading cloud hosting provider that offers an extensive range of over 600 software solutions running on multiple data centers. On this week’s episode, Bill and Elliot discuss how to engage and help your team on a personal level, how leaders can have a balanced life, and the one-page personal planner.

This conversation is being recorded live on video, which you can see on YouTube! So, let’s dive right into the one page personal planner. This is a really useful thing to do during Christmas and New Years, as things begin to wind down. Bill recommends you first use it personally and then share it with your spouse and then bring it to those who you work with.

How does Bill like to use this? To begin this exercise, it’s useful to reflect on the last year. Usually, our thoughts revolve around a very narrow range, but by performing this exercise, we are able to look at things from a wider perspective. What has this past year been like for you? Flip through the calendar and consider those big, and small, events.

Bill likes to pick a time range between 10-25 years of where he sees himself in the future. Younger team members might be better off picking a 10 year plan, and exploring 25 year plans as they get more comfortable with where they’d like to go in the future. For example, what will Elliot’s family look like in the next 10 years? How old will he and his spouse be? You want to really create a rich picture of your future.


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