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Jan 25, 2017

Krystal Hulsey is the Marketing Coordinator at BALI Construction in Walnut Creek, CA. Today, Bill and Krystal discuss listening skills and how it can impact business performance when these skills are used correctly. Bill and Krystal will be going back and forth showcasing key examples of how to do these listening exercises.

Krystal is a visual person, which means her ability to listen and retain information doesn’t always stick. She remembers best when she can physically see what’s in front of her. She often worries about verbal communications and not being able to remember the conversation for later.

Now, visual learners shouldn’t beat themselves up. Many of us learn through visual stimulation. In fact, visuals are another form of language. There is also such a thing as physical forms of language too, like communicating through body language. In business, we deal a lot more with verbal language.

According to the book, Three Laws of Performance, the actions people take in the world are directly matched to how the world seems to them. However, the way the world seems to people can be altered through the use of language. So, the language that leaders use can shape our view of the future.

People often worry about what they have to say next. Bill believes that if you’re actively listening to the other person, then the conversation will naturally come. For example, Krystal worries that she’s too forgetful towards what her fiance says to her, and this causes a disconnect between each other. Bill showcases an exercise that she (and you!) can do to help improve, and retain, the words other people say to you.


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