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Mar 15, 2017

Geoff Gwynn helps ambitious leaders of mid-market organizations change their unhappy performance and their current patterns into more fulfilling, and happy, growth. Geoff is a Certified Gazelles International Coach and served in the Royal Air Force. In today’s conversation, Bill and Geoff discuss how to achieve 4x growth in less time than you think.

Geoff is located in the UK, and, as many of you may know, Bill is located in the U.S. It’s comforting to know that the work both of these coaches do is universal, and it applies to very vast and unique industries. 

One of Geoff's clients focuses on industrial-sized rubber belts and he has been working with this particular company for a little over a year now. When Geoff first began working with the founder, Dan, he realized really quickly that despite having a team of people supporting him in his company, at the end of the day, the key decisions always fell back on him. This put enormous pressure and constraint on Dan and his company.

Geoff had to first sit down and figure out what should the company structure look like. Geoff looked at the people Dan had in place and where their strengths and weaknesses were. In fact, he used a number of Gazelle’s tools to help him discover what the employees excelled at.

For year one, Geoff made it a point to only focus on three sections of the company. These were: Sales & marketing, operations, and finance. These three sectors are critical for growth.

Through taking a finer look at these three sections, Geoff discovered that the company needed to employ some key players to help with stock & inventory, among other duties. Geoff also discovered on the operations side that parts were being shipped incomplete, and, as you can imagine, their customers weren’t very happy about this.

However, by going through this very important process, Geoff was able to smooth out the process and get more sales. It took a little bit of time to see the growth happen, but by fixing some of these blockages, Dan and his company increased their margins and efficiency.

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