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May 3, 2017

Rob “Waldo” Waldman is a decorated former fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force. He is also a professional leadership speaker, and the author of Never Fly Solo, a book on how to reach new heights in business through building trusting relationships.

A lot of lessons can be learned through flying a plane. It requires focus, preparation, and even teamwork! When Bill and his team are training his clients’ teams on execution, they will normally show a picture of planes flying in formation. It’s a powerful image because there’s so much work that goes into it making look flawless. The same metaphor can be transferred over into business.

Whatever you do in life, one thing remains certain, there will be uncertainty, there will be fear, and there will be doubt! There will be things out there that are outside of your control, and this is where true leadership will come into place. A good leader can navigate through the unknown and bring his people out onto the other side.

Fear strikes us all at very different times. For example, Rob had to get over his fear of heights. One of the requirements to graduating in the academy was he had to jump off a 30ft diving board and it was the scariest thing ever! Bill can agree. He’s jumped out of planes as well as flew them and yet, the diving board is what got him.

There’s no predicting where your fear is going to hit you at any moment. Fear strikes when you least expect it! The good news is, the opposite of fear is growth. If you’re able to break out of your comfort zone, you’re already on your way to creating new heights for you and your business.


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