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Jun 28, 2017

Helen Chang is a journalist, editor, writer, ghostwriter, and video journalist, specializing in business, motivational and lifestyle topics. As the former business editor of San Diego News Network,, she covered topics in tech, venture capital, personal finance, and more. Today’s episode is all about writing your first book and using it to market yourself as an expert.

As a business journalist, Helen was able to interview amazing entrepreneurs, and often saw that the most successful entrepreneurs were those who had some kind of a failure, or some kind of despair, before they learned lessons that eventually propelled them to success later on.

The first book she ghostwrote was a complete flop at first. The marketing manager told her she had to completely rewrite it because the book was not marketable. This news crushed her, but she saw this as a learning opportunity and took the challenge.

However, this early lesson was an important one because to put a good book together, particularly a business or expertise book, it needs to have a personal story that creates an emotional connection with the reader, and it also needs to have useful information that the reader can use and apply in their everyday life.

After rewriting that book, the author brought Helen along to some of the bootcamps he was hosting, and readers would come up to her, thanking her for writing something so beautiful. The book had changed their lives! Ever since the author released his book, it led to a new division of his business that is now worth $100 million dollars. A book is a fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert, and grow your business to new heights.


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