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Jul 26, 2017

Ronen Gafni is a serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of FreshBiz, a training company that infuses fun and smart thinking into organizations. Ronen is also the author of The New Entrepreneurz. On today’s show, Ronen discusses how to make business more playful and exciting for everyone.

Ronen started his career as a software programmer in the army. He understood you couldn’t take life too seriously. You win some and you lose some. So, with that mindset in mind, he began trading on the stock market during his free time. He was able to convert his $100-a-month salary into $100,000 just from the stock market.

There’s a bit of a game at play when it comes to business, but two things tend to get in our way from enjoying it; our competitive spirit and own feelings about what success looks like. No one wants to be seen as a loser, or just some goofball, this is when the game of business stops becoming so fun.

Business is not a win-lose situation. If Ronen makes more money, that doesn’t mean you make less of it. The reason Ronen made money is because he added value, and someone gained positively from it. Business should always be win-win. There is no reason why business should be so competitive.


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