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Aug 9, 2017

Jack Daly is a sales coach with over 25 years of experience. Throughout his career, Jack has helped six companies grow to hundreds and hundreds of employees nationwide. Jack is also the Amazon bestselling author of Hyper Sales Growth. On today’s show, Jack discusses what makes a great sales playbook.

Jack’s sales playbook has evolved over time. Why did Jack create this sales playbook, in the first place? Well, it goes back to the company that went from four people (Jack and three colleagues) to 750. Jack’s BHAG was to be the #1 mortgage company in Orange County, California. This was back in 1985, and Jack was suddenly faced with Bank of America, Countrywide Funding, Shearson American Express, and Wells Fargo as competitors.

Knowing the competitors he faced, he knew he needed a system and processes in place to help roll out his business model to other store locations as quickly as possible. This is how Jack’s sales playbook was first created. Over time, Jack noticed that, for most companies, systems and processes are pretty much non-existent in the sales department, and he slowly began improving his sales playbook to help others.

Jack’s largest sales force was 2600 sales people, and he would visit over 100 offices with the same mentality, “Sports teams are run better than most businesses.” There isn’t a coach out there who would put their players on the field without a playbook, yet most companies do not have a sales playbook. No sales playbook? This means each salesperson is making it up as they go and that is dangerous when you begin to scale up.


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