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Dec 20, 2017

Can you answer this question: What’s your life purpose? Most of you might not have a very good answer. When Bill asks high-achievers this question, only about 10-20% of them can answer honestly. People who know what their life purpose is have a competitive edge over everyone else. Find out the steps you need to take to discover your purpose, in this week’s episode.


Craig Filek is the Founder of Purpose Mapping, a tool to help high-achievers find meaning and purpose in their life. He holds over two decades of experience when it comes to inner work, authenticity, and agile entrepreneurship. He built what he thought would be his ideal life, only to walk away from it all and focus on what really matters — raising his family and living his purpose.


When Craig was introduced to The E Myth, by Michael Gerber, he did the Primary Aim exercises every six weeks for about a year to really hone down on ‘what’ his purpose was. A few years passed by and a couple of career changes later, Craig decided it was time to start Purpose Mapping in 2010.


Our identity is so tied up in the work we do. When we no longer work, we can sometimes start to have an identity crisis. And even then, some executives will suffer from depression after they’ve hit their personal and professional goals because they are left with a void of ‘what’s next?’. They have the vacation house and the high-status job, but those things do not sustain them emotionally or mentally. This is where purpose comes in.


How do you find your purpose? Craig found his purpose almost by accident. As an adopted child, he had an intense desire to answer the question, “Who am I?” Through taking several personality tests and introspection, the same keywords started showing up for Craig.


When you feel fear, that’s when you know you’re at the edge of your comfort zone and in order for you to get into your ‘flow’ state, you have to jump off that cliff. There are things we do that take us out of our flow state and end up sabotaging our success. Every one of us has shame, but the people who face their shame end up not letting it spill out into the rest of their lives. By owning up to our flaws, we are able to dig even deeper into who we are and find out our purpose in life.


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