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Jan 10, 2018

There are five big ways you can improve your business credit. Today’s guest will discuss how it is slightly different than your personal credit, why it’s important for your business, and how to separate the two so they don’t get mixed up!


Ty Crandall is the CEO at Credit Suite, a leading finance software and business credit company in the country. Ty and his team help clients build their business credit and help them get financing.


When Ty experienced the 2008 market crash, he saw first-hand what it was like to build a successful business and then see it disappear. His revenue had dropped 90% and he couldn’t serve his clients as effectively anymore. He had no idea that business credit even existed at the time, much less know how to keep both his personal and business credit separate.


Ty signed everything to his personal credit, so when business was down and he was forced to default on payments, creditors were now able to take assets directly out of the company. It was a mess. Once the creditors couldn’t get any more money out of the company, they then went directly for Ty’s personal assets. He lost everything.


Fortunately, Ty was able to get out of it and he knew he had to help people fix their credit and repair the damage the economy had caused on them. He didn’t want anybody to go through what he went through. This is why he is in the line of work that he is in today.


At the time, there wasn’t a lot of information about corporate credit. Ty had to dig deep to find out how to obtain it, how it worked, and how you could use it to protect your personal assets. Ty was blown away by the various ways you could protect yourself and the financial opportunities you could have with business credit.


Ty walks through the five steps that will improve your business credit:


Step 1: Set up your business correctly!

Step 2: Do a free check with all the reporting agencies.

Step 3: Start building vendor credit.

Step 4: Start building store credit.

Step 5: Start building fleet/vehicle credit.


By doing these five steps, you build enough trust with the banks where you can qualify for loans and credit lines for your business. Step 1 is often the hardest part, but once you have it completed, building business credit is actually quite easy!


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I ended up being very successful at a young age and then systematically lost everything.”


A downturn of one kind or another is inevitable.”


Having your business and your personal credit intricately tied can make it a very personal crisis.”


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