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Mar 7, 2018

Today’s show is all about how to transform your company in a remarkable way. Do you want to 10x your company and bring it to the next level? Well, that requires real transformation and this week’s guest has all the answers!


Chuck Kocher is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach and the Owner of The Transformation Company. He works one-on-one with business owners all over the world who are serious about taking their businesses and lives to exceptional levels.


Chuck’s first mentor asked Chuck what he wanted to learn at his first job, he replied with, “Everything.” She told him to keep that desire and ambition for the rest of his career and he will succeed.


Chuck credits another mentor for helping him give him the gift of thinking. Chuck was excellent at execution but was not connecting the dots from execution to vision and strategy. Chuck’s mentor really challenged him to be better, to not just look at the product, but to also look at the market as well. It took him a couple of years before he got it right, but this was his first introduction to how good companies get transformed and scale up.


One of Chuck’s clients was a husband-and-wife team where their company had stagnated in growth. They also wanted their son to take over the business. However, they weren’t sure if he was coachable or the right fit for it. After arranging a family business meeting, Chuck asked the family point blank, “Are you willing to change to take this company to the next level?” Everyone said yes, and with a lot of sweat and tears, amazing things began to happen.


Transformation takes a lot of work to achieve. Chuck helped the family set their BHAG. They wanted to take their $8-million company up to $33 million. This meant a change in leadership styles and company culture. With these shifts, the company was able to hit two 10-year BHAGs in five years! 11 years later, they are now close to doing $55 million, employ 1,500 people, and they rank number three in their franchise.


Why do some people fail the transformation process? Well, usually, one in five to one in four people will quit the process midway through. First, the leadership team is just unwilling to change their approach. Growth simply can not happen if the leadership style doesn’t change and evolve the higher up you go. Second, the leadership is just unwilling to make those ‘daring’ moves to get their company from point A to point B.


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