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Apr 11, 2018

Scaling up means getting consistent and reliable at your core processes. It also means there will be an acceleration in onboarding new talent, which tends to damage and create bottlenecks to your processes. How do you get your core processes tuned up efficiently as more and more people join your company? That’s the topic of today’s show!


Chris Ronzio is the founder of Trainual, an online platform for business owners that helps them document their processes step-by-step. Prior to that, Chris built a nationwide video production company that sold over $3 million in youth sporting event videos before he was 25 years old and founded an operations consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs create scalable systems and processes.


Chris has been an entrepreneur officially for 18 years, starting his first video production company at 14 years old. By the time he was finishing up college, he was able to get big corporations to sign on with him and had built up quite the reputation. Through delegation, Chris had enough time on his hands to work on the company’s systems and processes.


Through Chris’s first company, he was able to learn some very vital lessons in systems and processes that were transferable to other industries. He learned that companies who were really scaling up all had figured out this simple formula: they honed in on doing one thing consistently. Because of this, they were able to document the process effectively and delegate it out without much worry.


From Bill’s observations, it’s not that hard to get to $3-7 million in revenue without having focused your business. However, very rarely does Bill see people hitting the over $10 million threshold in sales with an unfocused business. By focusing and specializing in one key area of your business, growth begins to happen… rapidly.


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