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May 16, 2018

The process of scaling up really begins and ends with the leadership. If you’re a leader, then you must face yourself in the mirror and take care of yourself. There are many great ways a leader can develop themselves and today’s guest discusses how leaders can thrive under tough pressure.


Kevin Lawrence is an international strategic advisor and has coached hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries. His work as a coach for the last 20+ years inspired him to write the book, Your Oxygen Mask First. The book discusses the dark side of leadership dichotomy, and offers 17 practical steps to triumph in business, without being trampled in life.


High-performing CEOs and executives have to push themselves in such a way where they get stronger and better, without burning themselves out. This is a hard thing to do for any passionate leader as the world of business is so vast (and exciting) that it can take everything out of you if you’re not careful.


With Kevin’s extensive work with high-level achievers, he’s heard it all. The powerful CEOs you see in magazines are overwhelmed and they’re beginning to doubt their ability. Just the other day, a CEO was having a panic attack just before his flight was taking off. When a CEO begins to unravel, addictions start to kick in to escape the stress and their physical and mental health suffers.


The good news, however, is that it’s all fixable. If you want to play the bigger game, you just need better tools, and Kevin’s book has all the tools a CEO could ever need. You can learn techniques to help you gain your confidence back and you can build from a place where your new leadership position is not overwhelming you or forcing you to handle new thresholds of stress.


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