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Nov 14, 2018

Stressed out? Are you constantly facing tough challenges on a regular basis? Everyone goes through people problems, relationship problems, family problems, and financial problems but our reactions to these stressful events can be changed through the use of mindfulness and meditation.


Rob Dube is the Founder and President of ImageOne, which focuses on Print Management. Rob is also a Forbes Best Small Giants Company Leader and the author of the bestselling book, Do Nothing, which is what Bill and Rob will be talking about on today’s show!


Growing up, Rob had a host of health issues as well as some family issues under his belt. As a kid, he was always anxious and stressed, but he kept it bottled up inside. After college, he and his childhood friend started a business, which did not help Rob’s anxiousness and stress.


By the time Rob was 25, he was already married, had a kid on its way; he also had no money and was living with his dad… which meant even more stress! It finally took a toll on Rob and he went into therapy. It helped a lot, but it didn’t ‘cure’ him.


When Rob first heard about mediation in the early 2000s, he was skeptical. However, he reached a breaking point after he sold his business and was willing to try anything. He tried it… and he felt better. His problems were still there, but at least he felt a bit better. That’s when he dug in deep to see whether there was any scientific proof behind all of this meditation stuff.


14 years of practice later, Rob is a believer. He is a fan of doing silent retreats because it brings you to the present and he has done eight of them so far that were each around 7-10 days in length. Although there are different types of meditation, Rob likes to do MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) meditation.


How does Rob define mindfulness? There are a couple of definitions for it, but one of them is the ability to be in the moment, right here, right now. As one body, as one breath. As challenges are coming at you, you are able to bring yourself right into the moment and not let your mind go into problem-solving mode.


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I just kept building that foundation of stress and anxiety and I just didn’t feel like I was as good of a person as I needed to be.”


Having been an entrepreneur basically my whole life and never having worked for anybody, I was just not adapting to this new company/environment.”


We learn to first bring awareness to yourself. Then, over time, you bring that awareness to each moment you’re experiencing.”


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