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Dec 12, 2018

Meetings! They can either be great or they can be terrible. The general consensus is that meetings suck, but today’s special guest wants to transform your experience with meetings so that the entire team feels productive and ready to go!


Elise Keith is the Founder of Lucid Meetings and the author of Where The Action Is, a book about more productive and happier, meetings! She helps her clients implement an effective meeting operating system so that everyone in the company prospers.


When Elise first started her career, she experienced a lot of pointless drama and needless side conversations. Different departments had different objectives and they would often clash with one another, which meant the meetings were endless and also ruthless. These mixed messages would also confuse their customers too!


Elise experienced all the ‘interventions.’ Leaders did the DISC and StrengthsFinder’s assessment. The DISC profiles became excuses and the strengths became weapons. The diversity interventions ended up creating more barriers between team members. Yet, still, everyone tried so desperately to work together. They still cared.


Things changed for Elise when she witnessed firsthand what it was like to have competing interests and a system that was able to bypass all the drama and get things done. That system was centered around a very clear and defined way on how to run Monday meetings. They weren’t always interesting, but it got the job done.


These meetings had clear goals and objectives already laid out each week so that everyone was on the same page before they even started the meeting. Just with this simple shift, Elise saw people being aligned on what they had to achieve and… they were having fun doing it! If you run your meetings better, your people will get along better!


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