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Dec 19, 2018

How do we get beyond the startup phase and into the scale-up zone? And what are some of the unique challenges women face throughout this process? Today’s guest has some insight on how this transition can be made a little bit easier.


Julia Pimsleur is an entrepreneur and the author of the best-selling book Million Dollar Women. During her years as a CEO, Julia has raised angel and venture capital for various startups and discovered that only 3% of all women entrepreneurs ever reach the one-million-dollar mark. Today, she aims to change that and coaches women through their business so that they can scale and grow effectively.


When Julia built her language business into a multimillion-dollar business, she looked around and saw that there were very few women at that level. Despite women starting twice as many businesses than men over the last two decades, they still weren’t reaching that million-dollar mark.


Julia suspected that women were running into the same kinds of problems she did when she first started out, which was what inspired her to write her book. For example, bank loans. Very few women seek financial aid, and when they do, they’re often turned down by the bank.


In the Million Dollar Women® masterclass, Julia helps her students in three core areas: finances, mindset, and strategy. Finances and strategy are timeless but when it comes to mindset, women are much more cautious in their approach to scaling up, and this can hold them back significantly from growth.


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