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Mar 6, 2019

Industries are being disrupted again and again with disruptors like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and more. You might want to be a disruptor yourself, or maybe even learn how to better manage disruptors and work alongside them. What frameworks can you apply to be more of a disruptor? Today’s guest has some answers!


Mike Maddock is the Founder of an internationally-recognized innovation consultancy firm, Maddock Douglas. The firm helps corporations invent and launch new products, services, and business models. Mike loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas and has launched more than six successful companies.


Mike is out with a new book, Plan D, which dives into what disruptors have in common. Time and time again, Mike noticed that so many entrepreneurs just seem to be lucky people. In chapter five, Mike explores this concept a bit more and it appears the secret to their success is that they have an abundant mindset.


So, how do you manufacture an abundant mindset? After interviewing dozens of people for the book, some entrepreneurs sit down every day and write a list of everything they’re grateful for, others have an achieving exercise where they email their close friends a list of tasks they’d like to achieve for the week and check in with each other at the end of the week. By seeing the progress they’ve all made together, it creates gratefulness.


Experiencing little moments of gratefulness is what these disruptions are using, often unconsciously, to propel themselves into unknown and scary territory. It’s physically impossible to be afraid and be grateful at the same time, and by working with an abundance mindset, these disruptors are always looking for opportunity in the chaos.


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Entrepreneurs seem to be able to manufacture serendipity, which is to say, they’re lucky again and again.”


It’s physically impossible for you to feel afraid and grateful at the same time.”


I’ve never met an incredibly successful person who is not either chasing a ghost or being chased by one. The question is who’s got who.”


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