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Apr 17, 2019

What has your team learned lately about growing and scaling a business? What have they learned outside of your industry? A team that is continuously learning and improving is important if you’re scaling. Today’s show shares a preview of some of the topics that were discussed at the Scaling Up Summit to help you become a better leader and entrepreneur!


The whole idea behind these summits is to develop yourself. Verne notes that Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban are all voracious readers; they’re constantly trying to better themselves. As a Mckinsey report notes, the competitive weapon used to be cheap labor, but now it is smart talent.


The challenge is, there are 11,000 business books released per year and it’s become a job, almost, to curate what’s good and what’s not. This is why Verne and his team formed the Scaling Up summit where twice a year you can go and consume 12+ books worth of knowledge in 48 hours.


Who will be speaking at the summit this May 21-22 in Atlanta, Ga? Verne is excited to announce Henry McGovern, who scaled from opening the first pizza shop in Poland to 48,000 thousand employees. Steve Martin will also be there, he is Robert Cialdini’s partner and is a master at understanding influence and persuasion.


The summit will also have Denise Lee Yohn, who is a brand expert and knows how to elevate your brand and have your culture be aligned with the brand. Susan Packard will be speaking at the summit, she is the Founder of HGTV and will be there to discuss actionable ways to include EQ in the workplace.


There’s also a ton of fun incorporated into these events as well. There will be a red carpet event along with some great live bands performing plus some insightful Q&A sessions with the speakers. And on May 23rd, there will also be a user conference for those who would like to take the strategies they’ve learned days prior and apply them with a more hands-on approach.


Interview Links:

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