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May 1, 2019

A board of advisors or even a peer group is incredibly valuable because it gives you some perspective. This episode is all about how you can get access to seeing yourself from the outside and becoming more self-aware.


Paul Witkay is the Founder & CEO of the Alliance of Chief Executives, which he founded in 1996. Paul designed Alliance to bring CEOs together to help them learn faster, make better decisions, and move forward with more confidence.


The seed was planted in Paul’s head five years prior to starting the Alliance of CEOs. At the time, he was an executive for Air Liquide and the chairman wanted to make more money in the U.S. Paul was named Head of Strategy and was the first person to be appointed in this position. He was in charge of restructuring the company and its profit margins.


Shortly after, Paul was asked to join a group of CEOs in the healthcare industry and it was a no-brainer for him to join. Everything that he knows today was because of people and their knowledge. When he attended the meetup, he fell in love. He was in a room of people that were smarter than him and they were thinking at a higher level.


From there, he quit his job five years later to start the Alliance of CEOs. He would meet with CEOs one at a time and slowly built contacts that were outside of the healthcare industry. From the start, Paul always knew the importance of having diversity to spark new ideas from the outside.


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