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Jul 24, 2019

We all want better results. We want to accomplish things yet we have limitations. But, what if we could shift it all and achieve new heights without these limitations? What if the limitations you have aren’t as real as you thought they were? Today’s guest has some insight.


Nick Egan is a performance coach and the author of the new book, Shift: The Art of Transforming Limitations. He is an award-winning leader and an Executive Coach for Level52. He also has a background in positive psychology and Tibetian Buddhist culture.


When it comes to our limitations, most of the time our view on the world has been filtered through our own story about it. Funny enough, not a lot of people realize this. Once you’re aware of this story, then the door opens and you can choose which story you’d like to follow. The problem is, you first have to get there.


Nick and his friend were once in Western Tibet and a flash rain caused a baby yak to get stuck in the deep and porous mud. Their taxi driver was adamant that it was impossible to save this yak. It was completely illogical to even try. However, to test it, Nick and his friend went out to save the yak. It took about an hour between him, his friend, and nomadic yak herders to save the baby… but they were able to do it.


The lesson here is that the taxi driver is correct in that between one or two people, no, you couldn’t save the yak, but with a team, you can. In coaching it is similar. There is a point where you just can’t do this on your own. So, who are the allies you’re going to call on to help you through your struggles and break out of your limitations?


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