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Aug 1, 2019

Today’s show is a special episode where we feature a number of guests in a panel discussion on the Insights of the Week from Verne Harnish in the World of Scaling Up.


In this episode, we’ll be taking a look at employee policies around pay and compensation, what you can do to make a difference in retention of your talent as you scale up. We will also be taking a look at the importance of scaling up vs. startups and the different messaging opportunities available to companies. The panel will then examine a global 500 list of companies and see who is growing, and who is not.


Also on the show, we will dial into some of the training and educational opportunities that are available for yourself and your team at the World of Scaling Up. We will also take a deeper dive into the importance of female CEOs and females in leadership and their impact in an organization.


We will also draw some inspiration and examples by taking a look at the top sports teams in the world and the value their methodologies can bring into the business world.


Today’s panel line features your host Bill Gallagher, Judy Guido, Anita Cabell, and Doug Wick.


Judy Guido is the Chair of Guido and Associates and a member of Verne’s Advisory Board. She is also a member of the Green Industry Hall of Fame. Judy has an impressive career, having done a successful launch on the New York Stock Exchange with one company, accomplishing 104 mergers and acquisitions, four consolidations, and eight startups.


Anita Cabell is a British three-time Entrepreneur and has been a Business Coach since 2007. Many of her clients are members of the EO or YPO who need a wide range of help. Antia has a competitive coaching edge because she has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and more recently a Master’s in the Neuroscience of Leadership.


Dough Wick was a Certified E-myth Business Coach for ten years and has helped over 250 small-to-medium-sized businesses apply Michael Gerber’s principles. Dough is a successful business executive and has 42 years of experience in sales, marketing, leadership, finance, and more.


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