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Aug 28, 2019

What does coaching look like? When Bill and his team coach, they usually help entrepreneurs through the quarterly and annual planning sessions and provide one-on-one services to the CEO or executive teams in between. Today’s episode features a live coaching session so you can hear exactly what goes on during these meetings!


Tim Vogel has a 10X goal for his pet grooming business. He is seeking to achieve this rapid growth in just under three years. Is it possible? Is it realistic? Tim has been heavily involved in his company thus far and has already taken it from 28 staff members to 53. Bill dives in with Tim to see how he can make Tim’s goal a reality.


Tim originally started his business because he had a dog and saw a missing opportunity in the market. The pet industry was growing and Tim wanted to create a mobile pet grooming business, with the end goal to franchise it. However, Tim quickly learned that he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was and he was experiencing roadblock after roadblock when it came to trying to scale his business.


One of the biggest problems that Tim was running into was finding qualified technicians. The industry doesn’t have a standard licensing procedure for groomers, so finding talent was hard. Combine this with knowing how to drive a van and talk to customers, it made it even more complex. After attending the EO Accelerator, he realized his biggest barrier to scaling were the groomers, so he decided to get rid of them completely and stop doing dog haircuts.


By doing this, Tim shifted his company model to more of a dog wellness business that focuses on skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth. Their services provide preventive care by helping a dog live longer through having healthy brushed teeth and reduce the likeliness of going to the vet for an ear infection by having clean ears.


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