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Sep 11, 2019

Today’s episode showcases a typical example of how coaching can help elevate a company’s growth and goals. Bill and another coach, Jennifer Walzer, talk about one of their private client’s success stories and how you can replicate the same level of success in your business.


What does it actually look like to be a private coaching client in Bill and Jennifer’s world? This private client is a contractor in the West and saw an opportunity on how they could dominate their market within their state and their whole region. They knew people who have already gone through the scaling up process, but they knew it was going to be challenging to implement these strategies in their business. This is why they hired a Gazelles coach to help them.


There are a couple of ways you can scale a business. You can do it organically, you can do it through acquisition, and even through franchising. However, there is a lot of bad advice out there that doesn’t necessarily target your specific market and customer demographics. By not keeping focus on the right way to scale your business for your market, you end up losing time, resources, and most importantly, your momentum.


Another point to consider when it comes to scaling roadblocks is the important C-suite hires you make. If you don’t have a coach working with you to help guide you on the best people for your business, these bad C-suite hires can completely derail you and your business. When it comes to scaling up to dominate your region, there are a lot of moving parts to consider and having an outside perspective to help guide you is critical.


With this private coaching client, within two years of working with a coach, they were able to expand into three counties and have multiple offices within those counties. They had four times more people and five times more revenue as well and they’re on track for 12X growth. But how did Bill and Jennifer achieve this?


Bill walks you through some simple exercises they do to help get a baseline of where the client, the leadership team, and the company is. They also work on a dream manifesto where they create a clear vision of where they’d like to go in the next year, three years, and beyond.


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