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Oct 23, 2019

This week’s episode is a client feature! We’ll be covering how the Scaling Up principles have helped this client create success in their temp staffing business and why focusing on people will always drive results.


Steve Conine is the Founder of Talent Framework, one of Nevada’s top full-service staffing and recruiting agencies. He is a speaker, workshop facilitator, and successful business consultant as well! Leveraging his experience as an operations manager and recruiter for 25 years, Steve has assisted companies of all sizes to successfully hire and manage.


Steve was able to put his company on the Inc list just by following the Scaling Up principles and increasing his growth by 174% in three years! He was first introduced to this space when he worked for a local staffing company and learned the industry, inside and out, on the corporate side. However, he got his feet wet in entrepreneurship when the owners were looking to retire and sell their business and franchise.


However, after 12 years, Steve was ready to go out on his own and leave the franchise business behind. He had a lot of things to learn about being an independent businessman, but through his coaching with Bill, he was able to keep focus and keep his goals on track.


Bill weighs in on what it was like working with Steve. When he first started, Steve’s company was a little bit on the small side, in terms of equity count and revenue and also Steve didn’t have a BHAG, but it was still a modest goal. Also, Bill notes that Steve was very open to experimentation and was willing to collaborate with Bill, which makes a big difference in the coaching world.


What did Steve think about the various tools you can leverage in the Scaling Up Framework? It was eye-opening for him to see what kinds of metrics mattered the most to him but were meaningless for everybody else. He was able to shave down the metric dashboard quite a bit just by sitting with Bill and his team to really see what was important and what was not.


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