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Nov 13, 2019

Today’s panel coaches are Lisa Foulger and Judy Guido. Lisa is an Executive Leadership Coach with over 25 years of experience and the Co-Founder of Gol Global, an organization that helps leaders scale themselves, their business, and their teams.


We also have returning guest Judy, who was featured on episodes 161 and 168. Judy is the Chair of Guido and Associates and has been a part of over 100 successful mergers and acquisitions. Our panel will be discussing and sharing their thoughts on some of their favorite topics at the Scaling Up Summit in Anaheim that occurred in October.


Some of Judy’s favorite speakers were Katica Roy and her touching story about how she immigrated to the United States and Molly Bloom’s story about surviving the mob’s attempts at killing her. Bill agrees. When he first heard Katica speak about women’s equality, he began to think about his wife, his mother, and his daughter, and what it really means to be an important member of our society.


Lisa really enjoyed Chip Conley’s keynote talk. His story about how he found success in the hospitality industry and the ability to transfer his knowledge into Airbnb was very insightful. Judy agrees. It is amazing how Chip understood his limits when it came to the technology aspect and was willing to grow with these new challenges as he faced them.


Bill pulls up an old welcome letter that Apple used to provide to their staff to help inspire them and lead them to greatness. Without knowing it. Chip did a similar thing when he first joined Airbnb. He was able to use his ‘elder’ knowledge and openness to guide and mentor Airbnb staff.


Lisa and Judy discuss the importance of meditation, yoga, or some kind of mindful practice for executives. At the summit, there were two navy SEALS there and even they showed the audience how they used breathing techniques to calm down in high points of stress. What was considered a bit ‘hippy’ and ‘out there’ a few decades ago is being used regularly by people who need to quiet their minds.


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