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Dec 4, 2019

Anything big that you want to accomplish will require scaling up and that also means you will need a good team on your side. How do you cultivate a good team? The topic of this week’s show covers how you can build collaboration, growth, and engagement with your people so that everyone in the organization prospers.


Jeff Manchester is the Co-author of the book, The Power of Vulnerability - How to Create a Team of Leaders by shifting INward. Jeff has worked with over 1,000 Presidents and CEO as their executive coach to help their management teams excel in their current role and develop a more collaborative work environment.


Jeff worked with a consulting client recently who was in the auto parts industry. He was in the room with 16 of their top tier and 2nd tier leadership and it was very apparent to Jeff that there was some disconnect between leadership. Their mission, process, and goals were a bit scattered. He knew that if this company wanted to see bigger growth, everyone needed to be aligned.


When Jeff was able to bring focus to their biggest goals, there was a big shift in the company. They were engaged because they believed in the message and went above and beyond for their vendors and service providers. They did extra touches that aligned with the company values and in turn, this made the providers feel valued and cared for. This gave their company 18 consecutive months of record sales they had never seen before.


Jeff shares a touching story of another client. When one of the leadership teams shared a vulnerable and devastating story of loss, uncertainty, and illness, the whole company banded together with her and it even made them change their company culture to be less bureaucratic and more helpful. Through this experience, they were able to hit their 12-month targets within 6 months.


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