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Dec 11, 2019

Are you currently in the startup phase where you’re launching a new business? Or are you already established, but looking to launch a new product or service? Then this episode is for you! Today’s guest dives into how you can make the startup phase a little easier on yourself so that you can scale up faster later on.


Jon Warner is a five-time CEO and currently serves as the CEO for Silver Moon shots. He is widely respected as an entrepreneurship mentor and lectures on entrepreneurship at both the undergraduate and MBA level. Jon also has 40 published books under his belt with topics ranging from leadership, innovation, and more.


Jon’s latest book, The SLAM Process, which stands for Startup Launch Assistance Map, uncovers how new founders can maximize their success during all the startup chaos. The book provides an easy set of sequential checklist-based approaches so that it can easily serve as a guide for any startup.


So many startups get it backward, at first. They develop a product to solve a problem first, instead of going out and researching if the problem is indeed a ‘big deal.’ Jon worked with a company that initially built a water/showering solution for the homeless and for festivals, but it turned out that neither niche wanted those things, so they had to pivot! Today, this company is in the disaster relief field and is working with the U.S. Navy to incorporate their showering product overseas.


In Jon’s book, he has simplified the Business Model Canvas, which is often found in lean startups. Jon has been using this model for a number of years and found it to lack sequence and to be a bit difficult for his entrepreneurs to follow. Jon’s version has a clearer sequence and really focuses on the ecosystem entrepreneurs plan on entering, which is not something the business model canvas addresses.


Interview Links:

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