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Dec 18, 2019

Today’s guest shares his experience going through the EO Accelerator program and how it has made an impact on his startup. Bill also takes this time to answer some common questions that he often gets from people who are interested in joining.


Chris Ronzio is the Founder and CEO of Trainual, a leading SaaS company that helps fast-growing businesses automate their onboarding and training process. This is Chris’s fourth business and will finish this year with 25 employees and millions of dollars in revenue.


Chris believes the Accelerator program was like his real-world business education. He went through a business undergrad program before, but it really only covered the basics. This specific program is for companies that are in between $250,000 to a million dollars in revenue and it’s to help get you over the first million in sales through the use of systems and processes.


When Chris joined the program, he was paired with an accountability group, which was a completely new experience for Chris. He was assigned six other people and they would meet once a month for about three hours. The support group was so critical because Chris finally had a place where he could vent out his problems and get real solutions to them.


For example, Chris was going through a big problem one day. He had paid one of his vendors $10,000 and the vendor hadn’t delivered what he wanted. It didn’t look like the refund was going to happen either and there was a lot of conflict going on. The coach in the accountability group helped put things into perspective. It’s a small town, do you want to have a bad reputation? Can you practice empathy in this situation? Chris learned a very valuable lesson of ‘sunk costs’ and he wouldn’t have gained that without having an outside perspective.


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