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Feb 5, 2020

What’s happening in the world of Scaling Up? Our panel guest is Eugene Terk; he is the VP of Business Development & General Counsel for Align Technologies. He and Bill discuss everything from Horst Schulze’s biography, Excellence Wins, to the #1 investment of the decade, how to best leave a fulfilling legacy, and so much more!


Horst Schulze is the man behind designing an excellent experience at Ritz Carlton. In his book, Excellence Wins, he details how he scaled the brand while beating an incurable form of cancer along the way. Eugene admits he is a loyal Marriott fan, but it is true that staying at Ritz Carlton is a very exceptional experience. Everyone remembers your name there.


The best investment of the decade… is bitcoin? $1 invested in 2010 would be worth $90K today. Although amazing, Bill thinks it’s too volatile. $1 of gold is now worth $1.34 and crude oil performed the worst overall; $1 of oil is now worth $0.74. Eugene noticed that the U.S. stock market is currently performing the best in the world. Park it, chill out, and play the long game.


One of Scaling Up’s highest-rated speakers, Jeff Hoffman, talks about leaving a business legacy and how to truly take care of your people and connect with them. Your work family is often as important as your family at home. People want to surround themselves with good people and you want to see them grow and succeed. It might sound simple, but by keeping your employees happy, they end up staying at your company for longer!


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