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Feb 19, 2020

As a leader, you need to learn how to speak and command a room. The ability to speak effectively opens a lot of doors and helps your team understand the overarching goal you’re trying to achieve. It’s also an incredibly useful skill to have if you are presenting a talk or being interviewed. Today’s guest is a veteran broadcaster and media trainer!


Steve Kosch began his TV career at the age of 15 as a weathercaster, which led to forecasting positions on camera at ABC, NBC Bakersfield, The Weather Channel, and a 10-year-long career at CNN. Today, he operates a video editing and production business and the Media Training Network, where he helps prep his clients on how to speak during important presentation engagements.


Back in the day, The Weather Channel and CNN were considered startups and they didn’t have the budget to send reporters onsite to natural disasters occurring throughout the country. This meant the team had to get creative and innovative with the resources they had.


With a world so easily accessible with cameras and video, Steve reminds CEOs to always think of themselves as ‘on stage’ to avoid an embarrassing hot mic situation. People are always watching. So, be the leader, be the example of what an executive presence looks like.


CEOs are used to winging it on the spot, but media interviews or recorded interviews are far less forgiving and it can end badly. People can also get their words right in interviews, but if the body language doesn’t match, the audience will know this person has something to hide as they will believe body language over words. A good media trainer teaches both the words and the tonality and body language to nail those interviews.


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