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Mar 20, 2020

Panic is contagious out there but so is leadership. It’s time for leaders to rise up! This is why we have a very special guest today and that’s Verne Harnish. He has spent 38 years working with the best leaders dealing with crises and has some words of wisdom for you today.


Things are changing every 24 hours and so it’s important to keep your eye on the prize and plan for where you plan to be in the next ten years. What’s happening today, we will get through it. Just like we’ve gotten through world wars.


Leaders need to be over communicating during this time. People need it. People don’t feel safe and when they have a leader constantly checking in and letting them know that all of us will persevere, your staff will think rationally and, most importantly, not panic. If you have something negative to share, make sure that’s what you talk about first. Don’t try to sugarcoat it.


During this time, focus on giving. Give, give, give. You might want to consider turning off promotions because that might be seen as insensitive. Also, take some time to learn something new and focus your attention away from the news. Take care of the little tasks that you’ve been putting off. You have a great opportunity right now to recenter yourself and optimize processes. You might actually find that you’ll have extra cash laying around!


Finally, remember to stay calm! A leader sets the tone for the entire organization. If you’re having a hard time remaining calm, try to breathe, adopt a new mantra, and/or practice mindful meditation. Just take a few deep breaths and be thankful you were able to take those breaths!


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