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Apr 22, 2020

There are many lessons from people navigating these times right now! If you’re worried about how to maintain your routine or keep connected with your personal and professional relationships, this week’s guest has some suggestions on how to start.


Robert Glazer is the Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, a global performance marketing agency. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. As a serial entrepreneur, Robert has a passion for helping individuals and organizations build their capacity to outperform.


Despite everything that’s going on, whether it’s your business shutting its doors or customers unable to pay you, you do need an anchoring purpose to get through all of this and giving back to your community can be a great equalizer.


Bill also knows the importance of giving back during this time and has been doing so in his business. His wife also joined an organization, East Bay FeedER, where they are currently feeding 250 ER personnel.


With everything that’s going on, it will soon become the new normal. Human beings have the extraordinary ability to adapt, and this virus is no exception. As soon as we begin to settle in, we will not find the day-to-day as stressful.


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