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May 6, 2020

Deb Gabor is the CEO and Founder of Sol Marketing, she helps brands scale their content and helps create brand loyalty, Ami Kassar is the CEO and Founder of MultiFunding and a nationally renowned small business advocate and leader, and Anita Cabell is the Founder of Leading Edge and has been in the Chinese market for the last 18-plus years as a Scaling Up Coach.


Since we’re living in a different world right now, Bill thought it was important to bring on the perspective of different coaches around the world to get their thoughts and insights on what is happening currently. As some of us have been hit really hard and had to lay off some people, others are dealing with a lot of overwhelm, our coaches today have some important insights on how they’re helping their clients through this pandemic.


What is working and not working in the world of online Zoom meetings right now? Deb tried to replicate the office scenario where she’d just randomly pop into meetings and see how everyone was doing, but she realized she had to stop doing this as it was creating a lot of anxiety for her team. Another piece that she’s been struggling with is eye contact. Who is she supposed to be looking at?


One of Ami’s friends had to cancel their son’s bar mitzvah, but they decided to host it on Zoom instead. It was an experience he’d never forget. They made the best out of an awful situation and 40 of their closest friends were able to attend from around the world. For Ami, it seemed a lot more intimate and meaningful than being in a synagogue.


Anita is experiencing something similar. As all of her family is from different parts of the world, it offered a rare time for their entire family to tune in and be together on Zoom. She also understands Deb’s perspective on having to be a little more ‘on’ and experiencing much more fatigue than normal while being on a Zoom meeting. People are overwhelmed with everything we’re throwing at them.


Bill, Deb, Ami, and Anita continue their discussion on what they’re currently seeing with online collaboration tools with their clients and how well they’re working as well as reflecting on how much time they’re saving on travel and being able to be home and connect with their families.


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