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May 13, 2020

How have you been sleeping? How are you feeling lately? Do you feel off? It’s critical to take care of your mental health and your mental state during times of crisis and stress. Our guest today has practical thoughts on what you can do to feel better now.


Malorie Nicole is a Mindset Expert and Subconscious Reprogramming coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs and driven professionals. She helps her clients decrease their stress, create a more fulfilling life, lead their teams more efficiently, and generate more money through helping them uncover their mental barriers for success.


Malorie was suffering from several different health problems and it caused her so much anxiety and tension in her life. That was the wake-up call she needed to take better care of herself. This is how she discovered her love for health and wellness.


Everyone is freaking out right now. One of Malorie’s clients — he mentally lost it. He was ready to buy a gun and defend his family for the next six months. What was really happening was there were old emotions getting triggered about the need to feel safe and in control.


What goes on in your subconscious is playing out into reality and you don’t even notice how these subtle things might be affecting you! What you’re after, the goals you’ve set, are completely possible, but when we don’t know how to work through that fear, it blocks our ability to get there.


When we’re in touch with our emotions, we can create better products and offers to our clients because we now have an emotional connection towards them and what they’re feeling/going through. You can enhance your business and enrich the lives of others just by understanding what you’re feeling.


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