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May 20, 2020

This week, Bill features a client case study! Chin Beckman is the owner of DSP Concepts, an audio platform powering over 40 million of the world’s best devices and the leading supplier to top tier brands in automotive and consumer products like Tesla, GoPro, and Bang & Olufsen, among others. They recently closed a round of Series B funding last month, which saw investments from leaders in the industry like BMW, Porsche, MediaTek Ventures, and more.


Chin Beckman and her husband, Paul, both work on the business together. Chin credits herself with helping Paul get into MIT because Paul used to copy her math homework in high school. Paul studied signal processing under two prestigious professors in the industry, Professor Oppenheim and Dr. Bose. This early start set them up to understand the mathematics and wave formats of how audio systems work.


Chin has taken on the role of CEO and has helped with the fundraising as well as the business development side of DSP Concepts. Paul has taken on the technology development and engineering role in the company. Chin says she is a reluctant CEO, but she knew she needed help and that’s why she reached out to Bill shortly after they raised the needed funding.


Chin shares why GoPro originally approached them. Since a lot of their customer base is jumping out of planes and doing extreme sports, the audio quality is critical. No one wants to hear themselves in a wind tunnel, so DSP worked with them on developing wind noise reduction technology. They needed a sound system that could handle 100 miles per hour.


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