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Jun 10, 2020

We can all get better at our marketing and today’s show is how you can implement easy marketing strategies into your business right now. You don’t need any special or creative mojo to get these strategies to work, simplicity is key!


Bruce Rowley is the Founder of RSMarketing, which offers data-driven outsourced marketing services. They have appeared on the INC. 5000 list twice. Bruce launched his company at the bottom of the recession in 2010; he shares how you can keep your marketing easy and fresh during a crisis.


Bruce, in addition to the U.S., has worked in Hong Kong and Singapore. He discovered that marketing is the same everywhere, no matter the culture. If you can understand what people want, listen to the market, and answer what the market needs, you will succeed.


An operational playbook is necessary for all types of business, but you should also have one for sales as well as marketing. You can plan in advance for fun events and relevant trade shows your brand needs to appear at through the use of a playbook.


It’s critical to understand your numbers in every step of the business. If you’re only partially aware of the numbers, you’re never going to fully and successfully scale. Growth has a tendency to eat your cash and if you don’t know your numbers inside and out, you might find yourself unnecessarily spinning your wheels.


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