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Jun 24, 2020

People are often a challenge for business leaders and sometimes it can even be difficult to source the right types of talent. Everything in business revolves around people. They are your asset. Today’s guest shares how people are the key to helping you get through tough challenges.


Tom Peters is author of 17 books and has been at the forefront of the management industry for the last 35 years. It is Tom’s belief that people and action-taking are what get good work done, not necessarily all the talking and the theory. Additionally, Tom’s work, both written and speech material, covering the last 15-plus years, is available for free on his website.


Tom has been spreading the message of ‘people first’ for the last 43-plus years. As a 77-year-old man who understands his own mortality, his definition of what success looks like is if he can walk past the mirror without barfing. People are watching and what you’re doing now to manage this pandemic will be remembered.


When the pandemic hit, Tom knew he could use his expertise to help people in need and help them through this crisis. It’s just good to give back. Sometimes people don’t necessarily need to know the strategy plan, but just need a bit of reassurance that everything is going to be okay, that they will make it through.


Tom is not a fan of the word ‘vision’ or the way executives come up with ‘company values.’ These things don’t think about the people. He would help companies create their visions when he was working with McKinsey & Company. However, he discovered that the definition of vision is a strategy study marked up by 30%.


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