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Jul 15, 2020

Our two coach panelists have both been on the show before. Bruce Eckfeldt is a consultant, Certified Gazelles coach, and speaker on organizational development and performance management. Anita Cabell is the Founder of Leading Edge and has been in the Chinese market for the last 18-plus years as a Scaling Up Coach.


Today’s panel dives in on what they’ve been seeing when it comes to scaling forward during this pandemic. Bill has seen some surprising things happen this quarter, as some of his clients have been able to scale effectively to $1 million-plus in their revenue.


Anita has been working globally for a number of years and her advice is to not be afraid of the virtual world. There is so much that can get done. Anita has a lot of Asian clients and since they were hit first, she was able to see what they did to pivot and bring that knowledge and advice back to her U.S. clients.


Bruce has seen two things happening here when it comes to pivoting and scaling forward. The first is that his clients have been very quick to get a top-down approach and look to where their company can change and adapt within the market. Second, the mindset of the entrepreneur is very flexible. Those who have seen this level of crisis before are taking this as just another challenge to work through.


As Bruce is currently working with a lot of CEOs in New York, he is noticing a lot of them are comparing these new events to 9/11. It’s bringing back memories of how to figure out things when everything was uncertain and up in the air.


When this pandemic hit, Bill was concerned. He thought he might have to retire early because we were going through a recession. Not wanting to have idle hands, he provided coaching services for free or ‘pay what you can’ and because of this, his business is thriving and busier than ever, and revenues are up!


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