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Jul 22, 2020

Bill and today’s guest go way back — nearly 18 years — and he served as a mentor and someone who inspired Bill to change directions from CEO to Coach. Today’s topics dive into boosting employee engagement, what it is, and some of the signs your team is highly engaged.

Dean Jones is a Senior Learning Expert at Gallup, responsible for leading Gallup’s global learning strategy. In addition to advising clients on learning and organizational development interventions, he has overseen Gallup’s client learning strategy, the development of the organization’s workplace consultants and learning offering, and the growth of Gallup’s learning business worldwide.

Dean doesn’t know if he’ll be getting on a plane this year. The pandemic has made people realize that there are other ways, and possibly better ways, to work. This falls in nicely with the work Dean is doing, which studies how people develop and how organizations can address development in really meaningful ways.

Gallup, Inc. were the ones that coined the term employee engagement and have been studying this topic for longer than anybody else has. The reason for this is because they wanted to distinguish between employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

Fundamentally, engagement is driven by a finite number of things. It starts with people knowing what’s expected of them, having the right materials to do their job right, and having the ability to do what they do best every day. When leaders and managers focus on those things, they create a culture that’s far superior to just buying ping pong tables for the break room.


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