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Aug 19, 2020

Are you working on low-value things and not enough high-value action items? Do you dislike some of the tasks on your plate? What about your team? Today’s guest shares how you and your team can operate in their sweet spot and get good, and happy, work done.

Andy Clayton leads Petra Coach Europe, the UK’s leading Scaling Up coaching company, and helps entrepreneurs and high-growth companies eliminate what’s getting in the way and focus on what truly adds value. Andy is also a long-time member of EO and the author of Sweetspot.

Andy discovered the importance of the sweet spot within his own team member at first, who was running a lot of the mission-critical tasks at his organization. He knew she had to narrow down her skill sets and focus as the company grew bigger and if they wanted to scale.

Andy decided to create four quadrants. 1. Sweetspot: High-value items and what you like doing, 2. Distractions: You like doing these tasks but they don’t add that much value, 3. Drains: Important work but you dislike it, and 4. Disasters: You’re neither good at these tasks nor do you feel like it’s a good use of time.

The real question is, as we do this exercise a couple of times throughout both our professional and personal life, why don’t we spend more of our time in our sweet spot areas?

Andy conducted a sweet spot workshop in a room full of entrepreneurs and just by doing this exercise for an hour, a number of his participants were able to save 100 hours each month just by putting some of their tasks in these four quadrants and seeing how to take delegation and outsourcing to another level.


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