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Aug 26, 2020

What do you do when your whole industry has been challenged? How do you make a pivot and think out of the box and adapt? Today’s guest shares how he’s turned his very physical business model online!


Dan Chan is an award-winning Master Magician, where his talents have taken him all over the world. Dan is regarded as one of the nation’s top corporate magicians, which has been an industry that’s been affected lately. How is he managing to keep up with the changing times? By practicing in something called ‘Zoom magic’!


Dan invested 20-plus years of his life learning magic and when the pandemic hit, he was depressed. He did what most people do and binge-watched Netflix. He thought his career was over and it was maybe time to get a day job. Some of his existing clients asked if he’d be willing to do a virtual show, but not wanting to disappoint anyone, he decided to start off small and work his way up from there.


People have adapted quickly in these virtual times. Birthday parties, holidays, and family gatherings are all on Zoom now. In some ways, families in different time zones feel more connected because they see each other more often. It’s actually become more cost-effective to hire an entertainer via Zoom.


For certain startups, they might not be able to afford entertainment, but this is actually a perfect time to get creative with your rates. Ask for stock or equity instead. When you’ve built a good standing relationship with clients, they’ll be more than willing to exchange ‘other goods’ for your services.


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