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Sep 16, 2020

What if you could help connect with people on a whole new level through humor? What does it really take to get people to show their funny side? Today’s guest has a ton of experience with making people laugh and shares how it can be a powerful force towards building connection.

Matt Kazam is a Humor Scientist & Las Vegas Headlining Comedian with over 30 years of experience. Matt Founded They Laugh You Win to harness his depth of knowledge in the craft of humor and performing. Matt has taught thousands of people and has helped hundreds of companies leverage the power of humor to accomplish their goals.

Throughout Bill’s career, he was so afraid to mess up that he played a lot of things safe. He believes this is true for a lot of corporate leaders out there who don’t want to be the sole catalyst for everything falling apart. The downsides to playing it safe, though, is that you end up being so boring as a person because you’re afraid to offend someone. To top it off, you end up unable to engage or excite people while playing it safe.

The truth is, everyone has these amazing stories within them, but they just don’t know how to tell it in an art form. It’s either too long or some of the boring bits get added in. When you refine your funny bone, you can tell the simplest life story and make it engaging and funny for anyone to hear (and not get offended by).

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