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Sep 23, 2020

What can you learn about neuropsychology that can help you become a better leader? Today’s guest has used neuropsychology throughout his career as an entrepreneur and has accelerated his growth as well as become a better executive, coach, and leader because of it.

Bill Flynn has more than 30 years of experience working for and advising hundreds of companies, including startups, where he has a long track record of success. He is the author of, Further, Faster: The Vital Few Steps That Take the Guesswork out of Growth, which dives into how to effectively scale quickly by leading with the emotional brain in mind.

Bill had his hand in 10 startups over 25 years. He didn’t found them; he came in to help scale them. He’s been through 2 IPOs and 7 acquisitions. Throughout his career, he was a sales and marketing guy and as he was striving to be better in his career, he discovered neuroscience. When he started applying what he learned, he became the number one or number two sales guy wherever he went.

What is neuroleadership? It’s all about leading with the brain in mind. At the end of the day, people are crazy. We are all a little nuts and we're highly impulsive, irrational, and emotional beings. If you don’t understand that as a leader, you’ll never be as good as you possibly could be.

How many times have you heard, “We need to talk”? What response does this generate in your brain when this happens? Chances are, when you’re sitting down across from the person who “needs to talk” you’re incredibly stressed and in a flight-or-fight mode. You’re not ready to listen and you’re not ready to improve. Yet, leaders do these kinds of things to their teams all the time!

By understanding how the mind responds and reacts to things and how you say those things, you can cater to those reactions ahead of time and get the most out of your people the fast-tracked way.


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