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Oct 14, 2020

Our three panelists in this episode of Scaling Up Insights are Cheryl Beth Kuchler, Cheryl Biron, and Matt Kazam. Cheryl Beth is the Founder of CEO Think Tank and has over 30 years of experience in business advisory services. Cheryl is a business growth coach and the Founder of LexaGen Freedom Accelerator. And finally, Matt is a comedian and corporate entertainer based out of Las Vegas.

Cheryl Beth has seen more innovation in the last six months among entrepreneurs than we have seen in the last five years. When you put constraints around something, people will figure out how to make it work. Cheryl believes this to be true as well. She was an entrepreneur in the 2005-2009 time frame and had to adapt quickly when the recession hit. Her business was stronger because of it.

Matt recognizes the ones who are going to be successful are never going to go back to where we were before. Matt is currently working with a commercial real estate client and they know their clients aren’t coming back. So, they’re reinventing themselves.

All three of our panelists, including Bill Gallagher, knew that clients would not be wanting to spend any money during the pandemic lockdown. So, they decided to give their work away for free and became hyper-focused on helping others and being in service to others. Although unintentional at the time, this giving mentally has paid off drastically where they’re full of paying client work now.


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