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Oct 28, 2020

Meetings! How can we say no to more of them and, the ones that we do need to have, make it the most effective meeting of them all? Today’s guest has some insights!

By the time Cameron Herold was 35, he had built two $100 million companies. He was the second in command of 1-800-Got-Junk?, a company he built from $2 million in revenue to $106 million in under six years. Today, he is known as the CEO whisperer and is the catalyst behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth.

Whenever Cameron walks into a mastermind event or conference, he always walks in with three action items: three people he wants to meet that he doesn't know yet, three people that he knows and wants to spend more time people, and three things he’s working on in his business that he wants to ask people about.

Why are meetings so bad? Chances are, you’re really bad at running meetings. You need to put a conscious effort into training people on how to best conduct a meeting and tweaking it as you go. When Cameron first put a daily huddle in place in his company, so many people complained. However, he knows the daily huddle works, it just needed to be fine-tuned based on your culture.

When it comes to recurring meetings, lock them into every employees’ calendar right away. There should be no reason why you’re scrambling to find a time that suits everyone week after week. If you’re not willing to put the top priority company meetings into everybody’s calendar, then get used to staying at 7% growth.

Take one big to-do and go deep with it until it starts working. Don’t try to boil the whole ocean and incorporate daily huddles, quarterly plannings, and other strategic meetings all at once. You’ll really upset a whole lot of your employees if so!


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