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Nov 11, 2020

We have an exciting Scaling Up Insights episode for you today. We have returning panelists, Judy Guido and Daniel Marcos, and a new panelist, Liat Lazar, who is based in Israel to share their insights on branding differentiation, creating alignment within a company, and so much more!


Liat was an HR executive for about 20+ years for two fortune 500 companies and is the first Scaling Up coach in Israel. Daniel is the Founder of the Growth Institute and coaches primary Latin American markets. Judy is the Chair of Guido and Associates and has overseen at least 100 several successful mergers and acquisitions.


In times of Covid, some brands are having a hard time really standing out and being seen as different. Judy says, “Just because you say you’re different, doesn’t mean you are.” Daniel has observed another problem when companies are trying to stand out, they just don’t have a clue what really matters to the client. Liat agrees, this is a problem she sees throughout companies no matter the size. Founders create such broad statements, like “We are Legendary”, but no one knows what it means.


Are you playing to win or are you playing to just get by? Judy qualifies her clients by seeing if they’re ‘Scalarious’; are you so serious that you want to scale? Bill has witnessed this too, sometimes two co-founders can disagree in the mission and it takes some deep communication to really get aligned to reach new heights and get acquired. Remember there is no silver bullet, but so many Founders are looking for it!


When it comes to the coaches’ own backyard, how are people managing the virus and this new landscape that we’re in? For Liat, everyday is a new day in Israel. It changes rapidly as things open and then goes back into lockdown.


Judy sees more investment pouring into outdoor resources, pools, heating, outdoor offices, etc. People are smart. They want to increase their property value and make it social distancing friendly. Daniel is in Toronto and sees his community suffering. Lots of restaurants are forced to close.


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