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Nov 25, 2020

Are you stuck on trying to find your purpose? What is purpose and how do you know when you’ve really struck gold? Today’s guest has worked with thousands of people to drive down and live their true purpose.

Joey Chandler started out as a photographer and video producer and this experience laid down the foundation for his approach to finding purpose. He has been a coach for 20-plus years and helps people find the greatness in themselves.

Joey first got into video production when he created a tribute video for his wife and interviewed a number of their friends on why she was a special person. This led to Joey recording hundreds of these types of tribute videos and extracting that information to find the core of someone’s purpose.

When people get connected to their purpose, they can start to see how it’s already showing up in their lives and it fuels them to keep going and keep doing work that’s meaningful to them.

There are five main purpose words: Love, Joy, Happiness, Excitement, and Freedom. This is what most people are drawn to. When it comes to business, you can transfer these purpose feelings over. The purpose of the company is going to be a combination of purpose for the founders.


Bill can help someone find their purpose within 15 minutes, but by finding it that quickly people don’t think they’ve earned it enough and don’t take it seriously. Joey understands this. That’s why as a coach, his goal isn’t to teach anybody, but instead, help them become more of themselves.


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