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Apr 7, 2021

Building and maintaining teams in an operational setting is a critical pillar for many entrepreneurs, but if you make a mistake in this arena, it can cause harm. Today’s guest shares how you avoid these mistakes and execute with precision.

Robert “Bo” Brabo is a retired U.S. Army Chief of HR Operations with the White House Communications Agency and was the Presidential Communications Officer for both Presidents Bush and Obama. Bo has served in several executive positions including most recently Vice President of Human Resources at the National Spine & Pain Centers and Founder of Hail Media Group.

When it comes to the power of execution and those who do it well and don’t do it well, it comes down to the empowerment of your team. Before you get to the “execution” phase, there is a ton of training and testing that goes behind the day of the event. This process can’t be skipped.

When you have the complicated task of making sure the President is safe, there are too many variables for one person to handle. This is where trusting the training process and empowering your team come into play. If you tried to micromanage everything, things would not be ready by the time the President came into town.

These critical tasks also mean that you don’t get a “do-over” when something isn’t working. How do you get things to just run seamlessly? You check in with your team frequently and make sure they know they can call upon you when there’s an unexpected problem at hand that needs to get resolved quickly. It’s about trusting and verifying the process.


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